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Salem Witch Trials outed as Hoax

Malleus Maleficarum Dolus -- Salem Witch Trials were wholly conjured by Harvard University and The Royal Society to distract from human medical experimentation, torture, Native American genocide -- Bombshell revelations from primary documents dispell the fabrication. SALEM SOLVED: POISONS AND PLAGUES IN AMERICA'S WITCH CITY

"...Christians are officially exonerated from the Salem Witch Trials... Yes, it's true, the 'witches' really existed: They were the Puritans who worked for Harvard University and the Royal Society and sold you their lie for over 300 years... One of the greatest magic spells that has ever been committed ... and cast against the Christians by the Royal Society, Harvard faculty, and the Puritans 326 years ago is now broken." Jan Irvin, February, 2018

7 Apr 2019 Update on Holly Seeliger's Upcoming Witch Trials Book and how it intertwines with the past and modern day.