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Intrigues - broad, deep, documented, disturbing

Many more inside.

Salem Witch Trials outed as Hoax

The only 'witches' killed in Salem were those who steadfastly denied being witches. "Purim" outed as genocidal mass-sacrifice, facilitated by Harvard University / Increase & Cotton Mather "innoculation" program. Malleus Maleficarum Dolus -- Salem Witch Trials were wholly conjured by Harvard University and The Royal Society to distract from human medical experimentation, torture, Native American genocide -- Bombshell revelations from primary documents dispell the fabrication.

Terrorful Tales and Terrible Toxicities at Forest Glen

This fascinating complex is steeped in oddity, military and medical intrigues, darkly intertwining and spanning from our nations founding days to our present. Spooky enough all on its own, but when it's real, and militarily verifiably so, that's what really gets you ...transmogrifying mere goosebumps into justifiably palpable fear.

We, Makers of Disease

Active, ongoing weaponization of numerous animal diseases, including Ebola, Zika, Hanta, Anthrax, Lyme, Botulism, Tularemia, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, CCHF, H1N1, AIDS, and many many more. Dilyana discovered and presented the military, gov and UN documents, (attempted) interviews, and horrible data.

Was Edgar Allan Poesoned by Jesuits? Mystery solved.

A powerful, respected voice of his time, Edgar Allan Poe unfortunately (for him) strongly but simply countered and dismissed the Jesuits' Big Bang Theory thusly: An infinite number of stars in the Universe would make night appear bright as day. Clearly, for the deception to proceed, Poe had to be silenced...likely poesoned.

Sandra Bullock's circumsized baby foreskin 'penis facial' - prime-time vampirism

Paedo SRA to harvest Adrenachrome -- Nosferatu est Real. We didn't believe it either, until we watched Sandra describe in detail and laugh about the vilility for several minutes with Ellen Degenerate.

Paedophilic moms. Nude preteens. Hollywood, W.T.F.?

Analyzing Zionic Hollywood's obstinate antinomian obsession with women and mothers kissing naked 10-year old boys (even their own sons), often nude in bathtubs -- paedophilia, incest, murder, beastiality, all manner of degrading filthe.

Awful Truth in Centralia, PA -- Coal-Grab, Land-Grab, Media Hoax, Firey Fraud

Centralia "mine fire" was a media-trumped fraud used to drive residents off the land above largest, purest anthracite coal deposits. Map. See cogent, detailed youtubes below by 2014 congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski (prior to his apparent poisoning).

MK-ULTRA in Australia

Social control and societal manipulation are omnipresent.

Military, 'Intel' & The Occult

Steve Outtrim and Steven Blank take us on a deep dive.

Eyeballing "Demons"

Thomas Sheridan's excellent 2017 presentation linking evil of all kinds.


Another example of Their ongoing Method -- "EM Waves" by Prof Matt Anderson -- Psyence, Scientism, Reverse Writing, Scrying, Spell-casting -- Deep Theory, carefully contrived, to deceive, enslave

"Study of electricity and physics was confounded by Jesuit influences. Michelson / Morley had direct Navy involvement in one family, direct Jesuit involvement in another -- here again are the two greatest cults intertwined, vying to control understanding and future. Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Brahe were all also directly controlled by Vatican. One ostensible purpose was to control all "sides" in the "debate" ("globe" earth is a theory, still) and thereby undermine Protestant scripture and lure people back to Pope as sole path to God -- perhaps the entire 'debate' itself was fabricated, faked, fomented? Science IS scientism, AKA psyence dogma. zEinstein was artificially hyped, as was Curie, to move away from aetheric understanding of electricity and radiation. See the research of C JON BJERKNES for proof. UNSPUN youtubes on "Scaligerian" history, per ANATOLY FOMENKO, shows direct Jesuit involvement in the creation of what appears to be up to 1,000 faked Dark Age years and much more. UNSPUN youtubes also reveal the suspicious fraud that is the Royal Society and its "peer review" (i.e., the bully-squelching of truly fresh, dangerous-to-Them ideas). Jesuitical carefully, broadly and deeply crafted interlocking deceptions are being dismantled and dispelled by open and curious minds, with sweeping if not totally reality-invertive ramifications. BALLS OUT PHYSICS youtubes (episodes #2-3) reveal the total fabrication that is "gravity". ERIC DOLLARD youtubes give far more sensible and truer information about electricity and electronics than this blathering nonsense video."

Independent Order of Odd Fellows ("IOOF")

Independent Order of Odd Fellows is, well, odd. Among the many oddities is the fact that the Centralia, PA "mine fire" (fraud, hoax, lang-grab, coal-grab) began nearest to the IOOF cemetery...

Spirits at the Bend: Thistle Millworks at Ilchester, Md.

“Three deaths here? Yeah, easy. Probably. Defnitely. This place is over one-hundred years old. There’s a lot of heavy machinery and many places to get hurt. Three deaths in one-hundred years is probably an understatement.” That’s one thing our helpful guide had to say about the deaths, injuries and reported hauntings near old “Hell House” at the sharp bend of the Patapsco River, on River Road in Ilchester, Maryland. The older parts of the plant --the mill onto which the plant was later grafted-- date back to the 1700’s and are over 200 years old.

THE DANCING LIGHTS: Thistle Millworks at Ilchester, Md.

"I investigated an inquiry several years ago at the Simkins Industries, Inc. plant in Ilchester, MD. Some employees had noticed an orb of “dancing” light about 10 inches in diameter occasionally move slowly right to left along a wall in the beater room section of the plant. The sightings were usually in the early evening hours but always in the same area."

THISTLE MILL FINDINGS: Thistle Millworks at Ilchester, Md.

"That Sunday, I interviewed a gentleman who wanted to remain anonymous. He had retired from the Simkins plant in the mid-1980’s and had started there when Bartgis Brothers had owned the mill. He confrmed that an employee by the name of Russell Calimer was killed in the machine room in 1977 after a 1-1/2 ton roll of paperboard had slipped off a forklift and crushed him to death against the rewinder. But, I was stunned by the information that was to follow. The employee who attempted to load the paperboard roll and allowed it to slip off was a man by the name of Robert Buzzard. If you read my initial investigation at the Simkins plant, you would recognize that name. I had felt a presence of a spirit who called himself “buzzard”. I had no idea at that time that this was an actual name. As well, I had this feeling that “buzzard” had died by his own hand. It was confrmed that Mr. Buzzard had become so distressed after the accident he decided to retire. Less than a year later, “buzzard” had indeed committed suicide. "

Haldeman Mansion Investigation, Bainbridge, PA

A night of thrilling experiences -- from our notes: "Gauss meter response, quiet at around 0.1 Gs for most of the night in the Main House, agitated and skyrocketed up to 13 Gs during our singing of Civil War era songs in the Summer House. Meter sat stationary. We took notice: "It was as if ghosts were dancing or whirling about unseen right in front of us."