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Intrigues - broad, deep, documented, disturbing

Many more inside.

Paedophilic moms. Nude preteens. Hollywood, W.T.F.?

Related: Zionic Hollywood constantly normalizing incest, paedophilia -- Nicole Kidman. French-kissing. 10-year old boy. Naked in bathtub together. 2004 movie "BIRTH" (related to Cruise split?) Comment on youtube: "Satanic family. KIDMAN = KID MAN. Great name for a pedo and no one was the wiser." See also: Far from some nobody, Kidman's family is Australia's largest independent farmer/exporter of beef; father Kidman was head of CIA-equivalent in Australia.

Related: Zionic Hollywood constantly normalizing incest, paedophilia -- naked 10-year old boy (whose character is the Devil, apparently wholly irresistable) being sexually kissed, bathed, "baptized", drowned by vampire/witch (Countess Marburg, named per an infectious disease) and also sexually kissed, drowned and knifed by mother (another witch character, Mary Sibley), in 2015 WGN series "SALEM". Paedo, incest -- truly, They're hitting all bases, including beastiality and all manner of blasphemy. Explanation by Henry Makow. Historical echoes per Dr Lasha Darkmoon.

Magical reconstitution of flesh by blood -- reminiscent of Hellraiser. Segue into Nosferatu est Real below --