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Intrigues - broad, deep, documented, disturbing

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Awful Truth in Centralia, PA -- Coal-Grab, Land-Grab, Media Hoax, Firey Fraud

Centralia "mine fire" was a media-trumped fraud used to drive residents off the land above largest, purest anthracite coal deposits. Map. See cogent, detailed youtubes below by 2014 congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski (prior to his apparent poisoning).

ABOVE: eastghost.com members Kimness, Desirae and Roxie in Centralia, PA on 17 Jun 2006 well before it became "grafitti highway".

Andy Ostrowski discusses Centralia, PA (part 1)

"What happened in Centralia was basically a fraud...billions of dollars worth of coal run right under [the expunged town]. And, as you see, there is no evidence of any fire anywhere; twenty years ago [the media hype] created an image that we would be standing in the middle of a raging inferno right now...no noxious fumes, no foliage problem, this is where we're standing right now, it used to be an active, thriving burrough of about 1,100 central Pennsylvania residents." -- Andy Ostrowski, 3:35 into part 1

Andy Ostrowski discusses Centralia, PA (part 2)

"We are standing on top of one of the richest anthracite coal veins in the world." -- Andy Ostrowski, 5:00 into part 2

"No one has ever taken an oath and sworn in a public forum as to what really happened here [in Centralia]. And that [oath/swearing] has to happen." -- Andy Ostrowski, 6:30 into part 2

Not long after this interview, Andy "went crazy" (see his later youtubes), indicating to suspicious minds yet another poisoning, this one ostensibly to silence an amiable political candidate making bold claims and wielding means to cause legal action.

Andy Ostrowski discusses Centralia, PA (part 3)

"People [who] paint this as a 'conspiracy theory' ... understand what your government is capable of doing to you ... the evidence is there for everybody to see." -- Andy Ostrowski, 1:25 into part 3

Huge wealth, buried. Crooked politicians. Big Gov. Injustice. Eminent domain. Complicit media. Crisis actors (e.g., where is that "Todd Doboski" nitwit kid who supposedly fell into the Hell-firey hole?). Hollywood off-shoot. Suspected link to sci-mil-spooky "Minos Project" involving underground / thru-Earth High-Energy Particle Physics and the Directed Energy Weapons at Fermilab and Brookhaven National Lab (BNL). Lies, deceptions, fraud, theft, history, upset, anger, strife, military, cutting-edge science and secret weaponry, this long-simmering fiasco has it all...and none of this paranormality appears elsewhere.