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Sandra Bullock's circumsized baby foreskin 'penis facial' - prime-time vampirism

UnSpun 127 -- Caleb Thomas: "Vampires Are Real"

Elizabeth Bathory. Vlad Dracul, Impaler. Sabbatai Zevi. Circumcision. Mescaline / Adrenaline. Adrenachrome. Blood-letting. Blood libel. Young blood. Blood drives. Life-blood. Vampirism. Religiousity. Calvinism. Puritans / Jewish Purim. Paganism. Blood rituals / sacrifices. Anatoly Fomenko (mathematical analysis of literary works as means to determine date-based validity). Scripture. Inversion. Historical revision. Cults: Baccanalian, Saturnalian, Dionysian, Mithraic (bull worship / Moloch). Jesus Christ.

Sandra Bullock got a '[newborn] penis facial' -- Sandra Bullock and Ellen Degenerate discuss circumcised foreskins of Korean babies' penises, liquified, injected via micro-needles as rejuvenating facial cream.