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A few Haunts

The following content is reincarnated from a street racing site that unwittingly ignited intense interest in all things paranormal.

DC Hot Shot Spots

pics, info on

1. Capital Hilton (Florida Ave.) where Reagan was shot, name+location of assassin in MD (John Hinckley, whose father worked at Vanderbilt Oil in Denver, and were having dinner w/ Bush family that evening; JH now in St. Elizabeth's?); regarding actress Jody Foster.

2. Fort Marcy Park (Vince Foster murder, White Water, Clinton).

3. Folger Shakespeare Theatre (Lincoln). Apparently, there is still much controversy over who did what when and even how. Links to Mary Surratt house article & first woman executed by Federal government.

4. Georgetown Starbucks Massacre (Clinton White House lesbian intern 1997 murder, Mary Caitlin Mahoney). The only Starbucks on the planet (out of 15,000 Starbucks shops, since 1972) to host a triple homicide, with execution style 5-shots to the back of her face-down head and no theft. Wash Post has a particularly good article.

5. Chandra Levy (Israeli Mossad spy?) body found in Rock Creek Park, DC (involves rep. Gary Condit, R CA, and Klingle Mansion, RCP NW DC).

6. Laurel, MD parking lot where 1970 George Wallace candidate was shot and paralyzed.

7. The Exorcist-famed steps near Car Barn and Key Bridge where Damien Carras perished.

8. Who/where was that senator mugged in DC?

9. Admin assist under FDR; secretary Navy under FDR & Truman; under Truman, first secretary of defense James Vincent Forrestal (47-49), fell from unguarded confinement on 16th floor of Bethesda Naval hospital at 2am on 22 May 1949, re UFO project bluebook. Examined by William Menninger, Menninger clinic, (menningitis??) see Chestnut lodge haunt. Opposed sponsoring state of Israel. Rich. Cover Time magazine 1945. "Severe depression of the type seen in operational fatigure during the war." (Floors above 10th are extremely cramped; I've been on 17th floor, w/ basically four small rooms, four torso windows, a shared restroom, kitchenette, and elevators.) (10)