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My name is Jeffrey Gonzalez. I am a paranormal investigator in Fresno, California and also a Section State Director and Investigator for MUFON in Fresno, California. This photo happens to be of my family taken on Christmas Day 2008. I am the one holding my son on the top right. If you noticed far top left at the window valance, there is a purple object radiating. There was another photo taken a couple of seconds after using the same camera without the orb. You can see the photos are almost similar but there are a few details that are different so you know the photo is not the same and was taken at different times. The camera that we used was a Sony 12x Cyber-shot DSC-H5. All of our grandparents are no longer with us and we think one of them wanted in the picture.


About 1987, I was in a car heading down from Grand Rapids Michigan to Detroit to see an Elvis Costello concert. Because I am very tall I usually get to take the front passenger seat, but this time I got stuck in the back with three other people and I had to sit sort of sideways in the small vehicle. There was nothing to do but stare out the side window.

After traveling for about an 90 minutes or so I noticed an animal standing beside the road up ahead. It was maybe 3 feet tall, on its hind legs, just kind of standing there looking a the car as it passed. It was wearing a thick bulky white outfit. The head that was coming out of the collar was thin and hairy like a weasel maybe, but larger, with long brown hair. As you might imagine, I only saw this being for a moment as we drove by. I pointed it out to the others in the car, but we were already past it and no one saw anything. No one believed me and it was quickly forgotten.

I hadn't thought about for years, but recently some of us were discussing some concerts we had a seen together and we started to talk about that Elvis Costello show we had seen way back when. I suddenly remembered what I had seen, and I started to mention the animal beside the road. One of my friends turned white as a sheet, ran to her room and slammed the door. I asked her boyfriend what I had said and he told me that she would NOT discuss what had happened that day and that I shouldn't talk about aliens and flying saucers around her. I wasn't aware that I had said anything about aliens, just a animal standing by the side of the road.

I haven't gotten her to discuss what is going on with this. I'm beginning to wonder if something larger happened on the way to the concert. Have you heard any reports of anything like this?


I grew up in a house in the Northeast part of Kansas City, Missouri. When I was just a little boy, I was getting ready to go downstairs, and as I had just gotten on the small landing before going down and suddenly felt a hand on my back which pushed me downstairs. Since I was so small, thankfully it did not hurt me. I ran back upstairs to see who had done it, and I went from room to room. Well, nobody was there!!!

About 30 years later, I mentioned this event to one of my older sisters and she proceeded to tell me that my parents had bought the house from the estate of a deceased older man who had died exactly at the spot from which I had been pushed downstairs. She agreed that since he was known as not being a very friendly man, by his neighbors it was probably him who had pushed me from the stoop as that was where his body was found.

By the way, another strange event at that address happened about a year and a half later when I was sitting outside on the top part of the outside steps to the house, when I had a close encounter with a UFO. When I first noticed it I asked mentally to go for a ride in it. I got back a mental message. "No. Not now. Not yet." So for me, that house had many strange events, though the last experience had more positive meaning for me.

Fred Schollars

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